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Outperforms your Real Estate Brokerage, moving it to the next level.
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More key tools and features than any other software, for a fraction of their price.
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Users' Testimonials

I have been using Wiser Broker for the last 3 years. It has helped me to grow my business by helping me keep track of all my transactions. And the customer service is unmatched. I highly recommend the service!

Juan OrtegaBroker, Dream Life Realty, Coral Gables, FL

We have been using the platform a little over a year now. It's been great to experiment its growth. This has facilitated us and our agents to create a sales planning and goals. The dedication and support is exceptional. We are glad to have it as one of the tools for our office. Thank you!

Michelle Silva LinclquistBroker, Casa Florida Group, Miami-Orlando-Boca, FL

Using Wiser Broker has been a great help to my company and my agents, no papers to store at all and being in compliance is a peace of mind.

Aland HernandezBroker, Doral Service Realty, Doral, FL

We have been using Wiser Broker for one year now and it has been an asset to our company. With Wiser Broker, we found an easy and reliable way to keep the records of all our Real Estate Brokerage transactions, data storage, forms, agent communication, commission calculation, and e-signature. This is a one-stop-shop for Brokers and Agents! Highly recommend Wiser Broker for your Brokerage.

Marisela ArayCOO and Agent, Options Realty Team, Davie, FL

Wiser Broker has been the best addition to our company. It is tailored to the Real Estate business and its needs. We couldn’t ask for a better platform. It is very user-friendly, exceptional customer service, and you can customize it to your office. Wiser Broker is the best transaction management tool out there.

María GodoyGeneral Manager and Agent, Jasal International Realty, Coral Gables, FL

The COLFAX Realty Team is really happy to be able to use Wiser Broker for 3 years now. It has become a key tool in handling our transactions and allowing the whole process to be fast and friendly, in addition to being able to keep accurate tracking of all transactions in real-time. It is definitely a peace of mind to have this fabulous tool. Thanks to whole Wiser Broker Team!

Carmen de JonghBroker, Colfax Realty, Coral Gables, FL

Wiser Broker has been an excellent and effective tool for the operation of our Company. It has helped us, office and agents as well, in many aspects like keeping transactions under control, reducing operational costs, having all files digital and available in the cloud, improve organization and Image. The best thing that makes it so suitable is that it is “Created by Brokers for Brokers”.

Tatiana SalazarBroker, EKOS REALTY, Doral, FL

Before Wiser Broker, our company devoted significant time and resources to collecting documents from agents. We were looking for a system that would allow us to automate this task. However, the systems we looked at, which offered the features we needed, were prohibitively expensive. During our search, we were introduced to Wiser Broker. We were amazed that such a complete system was available for such a reasonable price. Since our company signed up for Wiser Broker almost a year ago, the software has completely changed our business and freed up an immense amount of time, resources and saved us money. All brokers regardless of the size of their company should consider using it because it will offer them a tool to simplify operations and to scale and to grow their business. We are extremely happy with Wiser Broker and strongly recommend it to everyone.

Marek MalarskyBroker, Oceanica International Realty, Davie, FL

I have been using Wiser Broker for a year and a half. I can say that I was able to generate a report with the commissions paid to our Realtors in just a few clicks. The report was very accurate and useful to prepare the forms 1099 for the Agents. Also, I am able to easily obtain many useful reports to monitor the performance of our company and our agents in many ways, very accurately and in real-time. We have quick access to the information we never had imagined before. I have no negative comments. The technical support, when I needed it, has been excellent. My experience as a Realtor has also been unparalleled with any other solution. It is the friendliest, organized, complete and inexpensive option I have worked with. Simply put, we are very grateful to Wiser Broker for making our Office and Agents to work easier and more organized.

María Alessandra GonzálezOffice Administrator and Agent, EKOS Real Estate, Doral, FL

Thanks, Wise Broker! Our agents and I wish to thank you for this wonderful cloud that has facilitated our speed in the office and highly contributed to make the agents work more efficiently and organized. Thumbs UP! Way to Go!

Maria BorciAdministrator, Colfax Realty, Coral Gables, FL

As a broker, it is very important to have access to the company's files at all times and be able to share them easily and safely with the clients. The system gives a very complete guide of the documents to be added to the file. Without a doubt, it is a very useful tool.

Ingrid CastellanosBroker, G&C Global Realty, Weston, FL

We have been using Wiser Broker for almost 3 years. It has become an essential tool to run our company. Every task is now easier and we are confident we have everything under control and up to date. Wiser Broker provides all the tools agents need to work quickly and easily on all the phases of each transaction. Brokers oversee the operation in real-time and have a very sophisticated yet easy to use, commission calculation tool that recreates any scenario and secures the data to generate very useful financial reports. These are just a few of the many positive comments I can write about this software. We recommend any Brokerage to try it, you’ll love it!.

Alejandra AreasAdministrator, Summit Realty, Doral, FL

We are a new real estate brokerage in Miami, and as the Broker, I am always looking for the best for our realtors. We were going to hire a transaction coordinator, but when I discovered Wiser Broker, I knew that was our solution! It is a digital assistant for our realtors and 100% reliable. Our realtors love it, it is very easy to use, and they feel proud being part of a company at the cutting edge of technology. It is also great for us because it makes our accounting so much easier. Wiser Broker Team is always available to me and our realtors when we have any questions. They are very professional, friendly, and they truly want to help us. Wiser Broker is the best and I highly recommend it!

Ignacio ValenzuelaBroker/Owner, The Valenzuela Real Estate Group, LLC, Doral, FL

Awesome experience wouldn’t use any other Real Estate back office but Wiser Broker.

Yolanda (Yolie) GutierrezAdministrator, AP Global Realty, Miami, FL

It was a point where using cloud storage and paper files held us back on a regular basis, taking our time on paperwork and filing rather than supporting our agents to become top producers. Wiser Broker helps us to grow as a business, keeping all files organized, in real-time and accessible from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The system is plain and simple, making day to day review files, contracts and transactions easy and smooth. Different levels of accessibility for the data entry give us the confidence to minimized errors while keeping proper control on every single transaction. There is no need for different types of storage or control points. Wiser Broker has given us the peace of mind to have all data safe and under control. With software companies, Support is a big issue, Wiser Broker Team has made the process of transition and implementation easy. They always attend our calls and our agents’ questions. As a business owner, we are glad we took the Wiser Broker path to manage and file our transactions.

Diego & Carolina PreciadoBroker/Owners, Potential Property Group, Weston, FL

As a broker, using Wiser Broker has been phenomenal. Not only does it keeps all files organized but also helps agents with keeping track of their numbers and best of all they have access to their files at all times. Their customer service is excellent too!

Karen MaryBroker, Mary Real Estate, Miami, FL

As a Broker, I’m extremely happy with Wiser Broker. I have been using this system for 2 years now and I can say it’s the best thing I could have for my company and my agents. In a few years, I will be able to get rid of all my file cabinets!! Very easy to use, very easy to find old and new transactions. I strongly recommend Wiser Broker.

Ana D. SteinmanBroker, Grand Beach Realty, Miami, FL

I love the Wiser Broker system. It's the easiest way to save all my client files paperless. When clients ask for a copy of their closing statements, I can just email it from the system from anywhere I am. Very easy to locate any file by name or address, etc. It keeps my files all very organized. I'm loving it.

Millie ForteBroker, Forte Homes Realty, Miami, FL

Wiser Broker has not only improved the effectiveness in keeping all our files in order, and minimizing mistakes, but has also allow us to be extremely organized, efficient, and provide our customer, better service when it comes to coordinating every step of the transaction, reflecting in this matter one of our core values which is excellence is our spirit. I would highly recommend any Broker, or Agent to use this tool.

Cristina ValenciaBroker/Owner, RES Real estate solutions, Doral, FL

We have been using Wiser Broker for about 6 months, and we love it. The system helps you keep all your files organized and in the same place. Our office was just audited, and we were able to get all the paperwork required by transaction very easily. You can have reports by agent, by month or by year to show how your brokerage is doing. We recommend Wiser Broker to any office or agent who would like to have their business organized, a lot of benefits for a low price!

Maria Rodriguez-HamiltonAdministrator, Five Stars Realty Group, Davie, FL

As the manager of Trex International Realty at Doral branch, I used to spend about four months a year reviewing and chasing agents for them to submit the transactions' documents to the office, for the files to be properly completed and in compliance. When our Broker adopted Wiser Broker, the four months of time went amazingly down to a little as one week. A very significant time-saving. Now I have more time to help my agents and to recruit more. It is really a very simple platform to use. I even have an agent in her 70's who uses it, and she is very happy with the system. On top of that, it has a lot of tools and features to oversee the whole operation. Wiser Broker's Team is always improving it to make it easier to use, and it also upgrades it permanently with new features. I will always recommend Wiser Broker as a key tool to manage any Real Estate office.

Yasel DelgadoBranch Manager, Trex International Realty, Doral, FL
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