Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum brokerage size needed to use Wiser Broker?

No, Wiser Broker has been carefully designed to serve small medium and large Brokerages. If you are a one person brokerage or a multi-branch brokerage with 100s of agents, yes, you can use Wiser Broker and it will allow you to grow as you wish.

Can I use Wiser Broker in any State?

Yes, Wiser Broker has been developed to be used for Brokerages in any of the 50 States, so you may easily customize it to fit your Brokerage and State filing needs and requirements.

Can I customize Wiser Broker to fit my Brokerage needs?

Yes, almost everything is customizable in Wiser Broker, making it a truly unique Real Estate online office. Tailor Wiser Broker to your most detailed needs: Create your own checklists for any type of transaction you want. Generate updated reports on a click. E-sign any document in the transaction. Add any individual agent’s compensation plans as desired. Enjoy using our well-designed commission calculation tool, to recreate any commission scenario. Add to the Library all desired and needed Real Estate forms and/or documents as well as those from your Brokerage, and have you agents quickly filling them out. Easily create auto-population and e-sign templates for your agents to do the tasks that were tedious in the past, now on a single click. Easily manage permissions…and much, much more.

Can I add users to my subscription?

Yes, you may add users (staff members and/or Agents) at any time, making Wiser Broker’s subscription very flexible.

What happens if an agent leave my Brokerage?

No problem, just inactivate that agent on a single click. You won’t pay for that agent beginning the next invoicing term, and all his/her transaction(s) and document(s) will remain available for the brokerage.

How do I pay for my subscription?

You subscription will be automatically charged to the credit/debit card you provide in your Wiser Broker profile, through the secure Paypal payment system.

What is Wiser Broker service invoicing term?

We charge only on a monthly basis. We don’t tie any customer on a long term contract. We trust on our quality service and affordable price proposal, so we rely our customers’ retention based on quality and price, rather than on long term contracts.

Is my data save and secure with Wiser Broker?

Yes, all your data is encrypted and stored in Microfost® Cloud, one of the best and safest cloud services worldwide.

Will I still have my own backups besides the cloud files?

Yes, you can easily make a local backup of all your data just at the click of a button. You will receive an email from which you will be able to download the backup to you PC.

Does Wiser Broker work with the most common Operating Systems and browsers?

Yes, Wiser Broker works with MacOS® / iOs®, Android® Chrome OS®, and Windows®. It also, works with most common browsers like Google Chrome®, Firefox®, Microsoft Edge®, Opera® and Safari®. We strongly suggest to use Google Chrome® and FireFox® to enjoy all Wiser Broker tools and features. Wiser Broker also works on Pc’s, smart cell phones and tablets.

Is a lot of training required to quickly start using Wiser Broker?

Wiser Broker is a highly intuitive and user-friendly software. You will find yourself understanding every action and task in record time. Additionally, there are a lot of on-screen helps like Tutorial Videos, conveniently located on each screen, hover over texts all over, pop up messages and questions marks to click on, so users never get lost.

What if I need support?

Yes, every user will receive a startup video to easily know how to quickly start working with Wiser Broker. Also, we have our technical support team ready to help you through or 1-888-508-8617.

Will I have free access to updates?

Yes, our Team is always updating and improving, and as we update or improve current features, you will get immediate access to enjoy them without any additional cost.

What happens with my data if I decide not to renew my subscription?

There will be no problem whatsoever with your data in case you decide to cancel your Wiser Broker’s subscription. Once you click on the cancel subscription button and without any questions asked, a local backup will be immediately and automatically generated, for you to get all the documents of all your transactions in a very well designed backup file, where all documents will be in pdf format. The data belongs to you and so you get your data backup with no questions asked. Also, once you cancel your subscription, we remove your data from our server, so we don’t keep any copy of your data, because it is not ours.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can. Just click on “Cancel subscription”, and a local backup with all your transactions and documents will be automatically generated, and you will receive an email where you will be able to download your data backup. You will not be charged for that, and we will stop charging you, beginning the next term.