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Wiser Broker is glad to announce the availability, as of now, of the option for your Brokerage to print the IRS forms 1099-NEC and 1096, directly from your Wiser Broker account, with a single click. As you know, those forms must be issued by your Brokerage and reported to the IRS no later than January 31st every year.

This feature has been included for free in your Wiser Broker account and yes, you will pay not a penny to enjoy it. You can find it in your “Reports” menu under the tab “1096 & 1099-NEC PRINTING”.

We have taken good care to make it a complete, flexible, and user-friendly feature. It has been carefully developed and integrated within the process, compiling the payments you have made in the previous calendar year to each payee (recipient) and of course, using the current 2021 forms, for this mandatory filing to be easily accomplished, saving you not only the costs related to its preparation but a huge work and concern, at the very beginning of the year.

You may start playing with it, but you will receive an invitation for an online training we will hold next week, for Brokers and Staff, on how to work and all the details of this new helpful feature. Don’t miss it!


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